FREE Song, Grey's Anatomy & More!

Happy Halloween! I'm getting super close to finishing up the upcoming EP "Space 2"!! So excited to show you these songs! In the meantime, I have some other cool stuff I wanted to tell you about...


So thrilled to announce that a song of mine will be featured on tomorrow night's (Thurs) episode of Grey's Anatomy on ABC! The song is "Sun" from my latest release, "Space 1" - keep an ear out! I am so very grateful to have my music be a part of the show again! Hope you'll tune in!


Last year I recorded a song called "Masquerade" - a Halloween song! I've decided to give it away for the "cost" of a Tweet! I'd be delighted if you'd add "Masquerade" to your way cool Halloween Playlist (which better have "Monster Mash" on it...)

Get it here!


In case you didn't already, my new Atlas project is available in CD form as well as digital! We call that a "Passport Plus." In addition to getting each of the 2013 Atlas digital EPs (6 in total), you'll get CD's of each one delivered to your place of residence in a fancy-cool CD Box Set with exclusive art and all that.

All that to say, the "Space 1" CD is now shipping to Atlas Passport Plus holders!!

Become an Atlas Passport Plus subscriber now!

That's it for now, ya'll. Thank you for reading! You are amazing.

Much Love, Ryan Sleeping At Last

here's a list of things i love right now (halloween edition)

1. Kit-Kats (still a fav) 2. Haribo Everything (this candy co. can do no wrong) 3. This (no comment) 4. and This (the. best.)