3 Announcements!

Well, hello there… Lots to tell you about on this fine, blustery Fall day!


Sooooo very pleased to inform you that my brand-new EP “Space 2” (the sequel to "Space 1," of course) is available NOW as an early download for all Atlas Subscribers!! (19 days early, to be exact!)

If you’re an Atlas Subscriber, check your email!! If not, guess what?! Today, for the first time ever, my 28-song Atlas project is on SALE as part of our Holiday Sale (info below!) Sign up now and you’ll get all of Atlas on Sale, including the early download of my "Space 2” EP and more! Learn more here!

The official release date for “Space 2” is: December 10th! (iTunes, AmazonMP3, etc!)


It’s that magical time of year when everything on Earth goes on Sale for the holidays! The Sleeping At Last online store is no exception: the Sleeping At Last Annual Holiday Sale begins NOW!

For a limited time only get 20% off ANYTHING in the Sleeping At Last store!! Includes: My new Atlas project (on sale for the first time ever!), Vinyl, Shirts, Onesies, Art Prints, etc! All of it.

Use the code: ZUZU when you check out!

Get your shop on here!


I'm so thrilled to announce that my song “Moon” will be on tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy on ABC!! Hope you’ll tune in! So very honored to get to be a part of the show again!!

That’s it for now! Thank you so much for reading! I so hope you enjoy “Space 2."

Much love, Ryan - Sleeping At Last

PS here’s a list of things i love right now:

1. FitBit Flex (this little wristband is somehow changing my life!! never been a fan of healthiness ’til now. ha) 2. Almond Breeze Chocolate Almond Milk (SO good. also, i just tried to shake the carton a few minutes ago and it exploded all over me and my kitchen! fun. true story.) 3. Kiwi (big fan of this fruit. always have been, but i wanted share my support of this delicious fruit with you today.) 4. Tilt to Live 2 (almost the same as 1, but this little iOS game is amazing. still.)