Atlas is an ongoing series of music based on the origins of the universe and life within it.

The Atlas series began with Atlas: Year One. Currently, Atlas: Year Two is underway, featuring 25 brand-new songs that will be released as singles over the course of the project. There are 3 ways to get these songs:

1.  Subscribe to Atlas: Year Two and get each song as soon as it's ready, before public release.

2.  Wait for each of the songs to appear in SpotifyiTunes, etc.

3.  Or, I suppose, you could pirate them off the internet. But you're better than that!


[1] Overture II

[2] Life

[3] Son

[4] Daughter

[5] Touch

[6] Taste

[7] Smell

[8] Hearing

[9] Sight

[10] Joy

[11] Sorrow

[12] Anger

[13] Fear

[14] Body

[15] Heart

[16] Mind

[17] One

[18] Two

[19] Three

[20] Four

[21] Five

[22] Six

[23] Seven

[24] Eight

[25] Nine

To help navigate the 25 songs of Atlas: Year Two, we made a map (above)! Each song is represented by a number/shape. A yellow shape is the most recently released song, white shapes are the songs that were released already, and the numbers/blanks spaces are the songs coming soon!












Click here to read a more in-depth description of the themes explored within Atlas: Year Two.

How It Was Made

Click on the songs below to read about what inspired each of the Atlas: Year Two songs.