"Three" (Spotify) is the nineteenth song (of 25) in my Atlas: Year Two series. The 3rd written for the "Enneagram" theme - 9 songs inspired by the 9 uniquely beautiful Enneagram Types.

Please enjoy this 70+ minute episode of The Sleeping At Last Podcast, (iTunes) in which I pull "Three" apart, layer by layer and explain what this song means to me, how it came together and explore the Enneagram type Three! Joined by my friend and Enneagram Expert, Chris Heuertz. 



maybe i’ve done enough,
and your golden child grew up.
maybe this trophy isn’t real love-
and with or without it, i’m good enough.

maybe i’ve done enough,
finally catching up.
for the first time i see an image of
my brokenness utterly worthy of love.
maybe i’ve done enough.

i finally see myself.
through the eyes of no one else.
it’s so exhausting on this silver screen
where i play the role of anyone but me.

i finally see myself.
unabridged and overwhelmed,
a mess of a story i’m ashamed to tell,
but i’m slowly learning how to break this spell.
and i finally see myself.

now i only want what’s real-
to let my heart feel what it feels.
gold, silver or bronze hold no value here,
where work and rest are equally revered.

i only want what’s real-
i set aside the highlight reel,
and leave my greatest failures on display*

(*worthy of love anyway)