Dear Friends,

Yay!! I am so very excited to tell you that my brand new song "Six" is out everywhere today!!!

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"Six" is the 22nd song (of 25) in my Atlas: Year Two song series, and it's the 6th song in the Enneagram chapter - a song for each of the nine unique and beautiful Enneagram types.

If you identify as a Type Six, my hope is that this song feels like a hug. A big one. You deserve it. I learned a LOT about you in my research for writing this song and I have such admiration and appreciation for you, your incredible gifts and every intricate and beautiful detail that is you. So I hope this song touches upon at least a speck of your heart and truth. You are a sanctuary for everyone you love and I so hope that this song can somehow offer you the safe and quiet space that you give us.

Wanna hear the birth story of "Six"? Episode 15 of The Sleeping At Last Podcast is out TODAY and is all about Sixes - dissecting the elements of the song to show you what/why/how these sounds and ideas became a song and talk about who these complex Enneagram type Sixes are, etc. Joined by resident Enneagram master, Chris Heuertz (buy his book!!) I'd be honored for you to give it a listen! And if you're up for it, please consider subscribing to the podcast!


Produced, Engineered & Performed by Sleeping At Last

My guest band: Paul Von Mertens played Saxophone, Bass Clarinet and Flutes, Andrew Trim Played Guitar, Quin Kirchner played Drums, Kurt Schweitz played Bass, Sharon Gerber played Cello, Tracy Ensley played Violin, Anya Gerber played Violin, Joanna Lebo played Viola and Justin Kamps sang BGVs.

Type Six "Fingerprint" Sounds from: 

Marissa O'Neal - children laughing
Kate Hodges - flute
Melissa McDonald - door locking, snow, scaffolding
Bruce O'Neal - rain
David Archuleta - humming, blanket
Mark Holstein - boat horns
Maryrose Capella - cooking
Sarah Dark - birds

Mixed by John Goodmanson
Engineering at Electrical Audio by Greg Norman
Mastered by Jason Ward (Chicago Mastering Services)
Artwork by Elicia Edijanto (View Elicia's work)
Recorded at Electrical Audio and Loyalist Studios in Illinois



i had the most vivid dream...
my feet had left the ground,    
i was floating to heaven
but i could only look down.
my mind was heavy,
running ragged with worst case scenarios,
emergency exits and the distance below.
i woke up so worried that the angels let go.

oh God i’m so tired
of being afraid.

what would it feel like
to put this baggage down?
if i’m being honest,
i’m not sure i’d know how.
i want to take shelter but i’m ready, ready to fight
and somewhere in the middle i feel a little paralyzed-
but maybe i’m stronger than i realize

i want to believe
no, i choose to believe
that i was made to become
a sanctuary.
fear won’t go away
but i can keep it at bay
and these invisible walls
just might keep us safe.
with a vigilant heart,
i’ll push into the dark
but i’ll learn to breathe deep
and make peace with the stars.
is that courage or faith
to show up everyday?
to trust that there will be light
always waiting behind
even the darkest of nights

and no matter what,
somehow we’ll be okay.
don’t be afraid.