"July 27, 2018: Total Lunar Eclipse"

Dear Friends,

Once again, I'm privileged to get to share new music with you!!


Tonight, the longest Total Solar Eclipse of the Century will take place! In certain parts of the world, the eclipse will last precisely 1 hour, 42 minutes and 57 seconds. So I wrote a 1 minute, 42 seconds and 57 milliseconds song for it.

"July 27, 2018: Total Lunar Eclipse" is the 6th piece of music in my "Astronomy" series: music inspired by astronomical discoveries and events in the observable Universe.

The song's out NOW, everywhere music is!!!

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What's special about this Lunar Eclipse is that it is the longest in a century. That's pretty rad. So, for fun, I also created a looooong piece of music that is the exact length of the eclipse itself: 1 hour, 42 minutes and 57 seconds. This ultraaaaaa slowwwww and ambient piece of music is based on my song Moon, pulling it apart like silly-putty to create an ambient and spacey soundtrack for your eclipse viewing experience!! It's free and exclusively available to download or stream here!

As always, it is such an honor to get to make and share both OUTward (Astronomy) and INward (Enneagram) music with you!!! Thanks for listening!! Hope you enjoy tonight's Eclipse!

 Ryan - Sleeping At Last