"June 30, 2018: PDS 70b - Birth of A Planet"

Dear Friends,

I have a few new things I'm excited to share with you!!

Surprise! A brand-new piece of music as part of my ongoing space-inspired series, "Astronomy" is out NOW!! ... plus, a new episode of my podcast AND the release dates and artwork for my upcoming Enneagram song "Six"!!! Read alllll about it! ...


Earlier this month you may have seen on the news that astronomers have taken the very first image in history of a planet being born! How cool is that!? So, I decided to write a little piece of music for it, a soundtrack of sorts to the birth of a planet that astronomers call, "PDS 70b"! The piece of music is appropriately called "June 30, 2018: PDS 70b - Birth of a Planet" (dated by the published research) and it's out today!!

"PDS 70b" is the fifth piece of music in my "Astronomy" series: music inspired by astronomical discoveries and events in the observable Universe. I nerd out on this stuff pretty hard, so I'm also happy to announce that a new episode of The Sleeping At Last Podcast is out now too and is all about how this new piece of music came together.

The song's out NOW, everywhere music is!!!

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Here's the actual image this piece of music was based on! Cute little PDS 70b being born! Awww. Looks like an ultrasound! (and it kind of is...?)


... and here's episode 14 of The Sleeping At Last Podcast, in which I pull "June 30, 2018: PDS 70b - Birth of a Planet" apartexplain why I chose this astronomical discovery to write for, why I recorded what I recorded, did what I did, etc! I'd be honored for you to listen/subscribe!

The next episode will be allllll about my upcoming Enneagram song "Six", which will release on... (See next section of email!)