"Astronomy" Begins!


Dear Friends,

You've probably heard (like a bazillion times), there's a rare and amazing Total Solar Eclipse happening across the USA, Aug. 21st! To celebrate this awe-inspiring astronomical event, I'm so pleased to tell you, TODAY is the launch of my brand-new ongoing space-inspired series, Astronomy, and the first song of the series, a score of sorts to this Solar Eclipse is out RIGHT NOW!


Here's what it is: Astronomy is a series of new, mostly instrumental music inspired by upcoming astronomical events. Each year, I'll secretly choose which upcoming observable events in space I'd like to write songs for and without much warning, a song will release on, or near, the date of upcoming astronomical events! The idea behind these songs (in addition to the fun I'll have writing more space music) is to write a soundtrack of sorts for each of these unique and beautiful events going on in the known universe around us. (Plus, I loved the idea of the release dates being determined by the universe!) My hope is that these new pieces of music will celebrate, document and explore the most interesting of observable astronomical events!

This very first piece of music, titled: "August 21, 2017: Total Solar Eclipse" was inspired by this fast-approaching Total Solar Eclipse. The length of the song is exactly the length of the longest duration of totality - 2min:40.03s! As of right now, "Eclipse" is out everywhere music is available and I hope you'll consider adding it to the soundtrack of your Solar Eclipse experience on Monday!!

Yay!! SPACE!!! Hope you enjoy this new ongoing series of astronomical-event-inspired music!! It'll be so much fun to continue to share these galactic pieces of music with you! My upcoming Enneagram songs are coming right around the corner! Soooooooo excited to get to make and share both OUTward (Astronomy) and INward (Enneagram) music with you!!!

Huge Love,
 Ryan - Sleeping At Last