The Sleeping At Last Podcast

Dear Friends,

Hello again so soon! I'm very pleased (and a little nervous) to tell you that Episode 1 of my brand-new podcast, The Sleeping At Last Podcast is available right NOW!!


Welcome to The Sleeping At Last Podcast! This podcast is an evolution of my ongoing series of "How It Was Made" blog posts, in which I dissect and explain how my songs take shape, one song at a time. In this podcast, I'll be talking about my writing process, the intention and thought behind my songs - what they mean to me and why I did what I did. I'll also debut some new songs on here! If you're curious about how my music gets made, I'd be so honored for you to take a listen and/or subscribe!

Episode 1 is allll about my new Space-inspired series of music, Astronomy and the first song of that series, "August 21, 2017: Total Solar Eclipse" - a brand-new song written as a score of sorts to the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse across America! I'm so excited to debut that song and tell you how it came together! Hope you like it. 

If you're into that sort of thing, I'd be honored if you'd subscribe to this little podcasts anywhere you enjoy podcast! (Some options below!)

Huge thanks to my pal, Tim Damitz for the podcast cover art above!

I think you're great! Thanks for reading!! Honored to share new stuff with you guys. A LOT more to come very soon.

Huge Love,
 Ryan - Sleeping At Last