Enneagram Begins Now!

Dear Friends,

I am SO incredibly excited to tell you that my brand-new song "One" is out now!!! (+ a new episode of my podcast, in which I tell you all about how "One" took shape!)

With "One", the Enneagram chapter of my Atlas project begins!!! A song for each of the 9 unique and beautiful Enneagram types. I've been researching and learning so much about each type with the hope that these songs will honor the perspective of all 9, and the lens through which they see the world, others and themselves...

Artwork by the brilliant, Elicia Edijanto!!!

If you're an Enneagram type One, I sincerely hope you see a little bit of yourself in this song. And, for everyone else, I hope you can appreciate the weight the type One carries upon their shoulders throughout their lives for the cause of all that is good and right and true. One's are truly remarkable people.

"One" is out everywhere music is!

If you're curious as to how "One" was made, Episode 4 of my new podcast is out TODAY and is allll about the making of "One" - Over an our long episode, pulling apart the elements of the song to show you what/why/how these sounds and ideas became a song, AND I talk about what the Enneagram is, why I chose to write songs inspired by it, etc. Joined by Enneagram-genius, Chris Heuertz! Honored for you to check it out! And if you're up for it, please consider subscribing!






One of my absolute favorite parts about writing these Enneagram songs are what I call "Fingerprints" - which are small sounds from my friends and family that are being woven into the fabric of each of these 9 songs, according to the type each person identifies as. (ie. if my pal is a type Six, their sound will be in the song "Six") - the idea here is that my dearest friends and family will in essence leave their "fingerprint" on each song.

Here's a list of wonderful fingerprints you'll hear in my new song "One"!! 

Fr. Richard Rohr
Isaac Slade
Mikkele Hill
Asha Belsan
Chris Bethea
Ross Donaldson
Melissa Bach
Alexandra Patsavas
Will & Sarah Belsan

HUGE thanks to each of these wonderful people for letting me have a tiny piece of them in this song! Listen to the podcast episode above to hear EACH of these "fingerprints"!

I so hope you enjoy "One" and the new episode of the podcast! I am beyond excited to share more of these Enneagram songs with you soon!! Writing these songs has already been the most enlightening, challenging and inspired writing process I've ever experienced. I so hope I do YOUR type some justice. Talk soooooon.

Huge Love,
 Ryan - Sleeping At Last