Covers, Vol. 2

Dear Friends,

I'm so very excited to tell you that I made another album of covers!! It's predictably called "Covers, Vol. 2" and it's out everywhere online now! Vinyl and CD versions are available too (info below)!!! I've had the privilege of getting to cover these songs for TV shows, ads and other projects and they've accumulated into this album. I'm so excited for them to find their way to your ears. Here's the track list:

1.    Chasing Cars  (originally by Snow Patrol) 
2.    Dark Horse(originally by Katy Perry) 
3.    You’ve Got A Friend In Me(originally by Randy Newman) *
4.    As Long As You Love Me  (originally by Backstreet Boys) 
5.    Never Tear Us Apart(originally by INXS) *
6.    Faith(originally by George Michael) 
7.    Rainbow Connection(originally by Kermit the Frog) *
8.    Already Gone(originally by Kelly Clarkson) 
9.    Today Has Been OK(originally by Emiliana Torrini) 
10.  Make You Feel My Love(originally by Bob Dylan) *

* Available for the first time!

SO excited to tell you that "Covers, Vol. 2" is also available on my favorite music format, delicious Vinyl! This is a limited first pressing - featuring a gorgeous clear blue vinyl (chicago cubs blue!?) with blue "smoke" swirls! Oooh la la. Ships in a couple weeks (Mid-Nov.) Order now! (first come, first serve!) It's also available on CD!


Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Sleeping At Last
Cellos on "Chasing Cars" & "Faith" played by Sharon Gerber
Violins on "You've Got A Friend In Me" played by Emiko Bankson & Kumiko Bankson
Mastered by Chris Bethea
Design  by Kyle Barrett, Photo by Ryan O'Neal
Recorded at Other People's Songs Studios in Illinois