10 Favorite Films of 2016

i have a great love and appreciation for film and that beautiful form of storytelling. it fills me up. so, for the last few years i've been keeping track of every movie i watch, along with a 1-10 rating. it's something some friends and i have been doing just for fun, to compare notes. though it's not competitive, we do have a little bit of a race to most-movies-watched-in-one-year going on. we consider it a huge victory to reach the 100 films in one year mark. though i'm embarrassed by the shear amount of time spent watching movies in 2016, i'm also super proud to have reached exactly 100 movies!

all that to say, i missed a bunch of movies i was excited to see last year, but i did see a bunch and these are my top 10 favorite films of 2016 (in no particular order) ...

1. ARRIVAL - i absolutely loved this one. it felt fresh, and stuck with me for quite some time.)

2. ZOOTOPIA - zootopia is the closest animation since tangled that, in my opinion, even holds a flame to the level of quality that pixar puts out. zootopia was layered, clever and i just liked it a bunch.

3. FINDING DORY - i was worried about this sequel, but always give pixar the benefit of doubt and i think they couldn't have made a more beautiful and sweet followup. masterful as always, pixar! side note: this was my daughter, lily's first movie at a movie theater!! a HUGE and wonderful moment that i'll always treasure!

4. LIFE, ANIMATED - a wonderful documentary. heartfelt, heartbreaking and redemptive. loved it!

5. ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY - i know this one has a divided response from fans and critics, but i really appreciated it. i was hopeful that these side stories in the star wars world, would bring darker, more challenging stories to the table. totally satisfied.

6. KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS - i loved this one. some of the most gorgeous animation i have ever seen. loved this story too.. see it!

7. LION - this is a 2016 film, but i just saw it the other day (2017), but had to include it. it's stunningly beautiful and does a lot of good things to the heart.

8. LA LA LAND -again, just saw this in 2017, but it's a 2016 film and it just had to be added to my list.. it's a rare and beautiful delight of a film. felt nostalgic and new all at once. totally loved it.

9. TIE: HOLY HELL and TICKLED - both documentary films that i saw at sundance. "holy hell" though far from a flawless, i was blown away by this fascinating documentary. "tickled" is one of the most surprising and unusual films i've ever seen.. a story truly disturbing in every way. whew.

10. THE NICE GUYS - laughed the most at this movie of any movie in 2016. incredibly crass, so funny and super entertaining. exceeded my expectations.

some honorable mentions: doctor strange, moana, sky ladder, captain america: civil war, cloverfield lane, hunt for the wilderpeople, hacksaw ridge, jim, allied, don't think twice, hell or high water, tony robbins: i am not your guru. also, movies i had REALLY wanted to see, but didn't get a chance to: la la land, fantastic beasts, fences, moonlight, loving, hidden figures. all of which i can't wait to see! 

oh and in case you're curious as to what i saw:

2016 movies:

  1. sicario
  2. timbukto
  3. the hateful eight
  4. beasts of no nation
  5. dinosaur 13
  6. the revenant
  7. the big short
  8. spotlight
  9. anomalisa
  10. brooklyn
  11. mr. pig
  12. jim
  13. equity
  14. holy hell
  15. the free world
  16. weiner
  17. the land
  18. tickled
  19. goat
  20. shorts program 5
  21. other people
  22. morris from america
  23. lovesong
  24. carteland
  25. bone tomahawk
  26. bridge of spies
  27. room
  28. 99 homes
  29. dope
  30. deadpool
  31. creed
  32. 45 years
  33. trumbo
  34. hail, caesar
  35. 10 cloverfield lane
  36. mockingjay part 2
  37. eye in the sky
  38. the jungle book
  39. everybody wants some!!
  40. batman vs superman: dawn of justice
  41. the danish girl
  42. captain america: civil war
  43. hologram for the king
  44. the man from u.n.c.l.e.
  45. minions
  46. home
  47. money monster
  48. the nice guys
  49. meet the fangs
  50. zootopia
  51. x-men: apocalypse
  52. finding dory
  53. midnight special
  54. maze runner: scorch trial
  55. supermensch: the legend of shep gordan 
  56. secret lives of pets
  57. star trek beyond
  58. comic con episode IV: a fan's hope
  59. ghostbusters
  60. tony robbins: i am not your guru
  61. joy
  62. the little prince
  63. suicide squad
  64. indignation
  65. kubo and the two strings
  66. love and friendship
  67. sing street
  68. popstar: never stop never stopping
  69. lo and behold: reveries of the connected world
  70. hell or high water
  71. captain fantastic
  72. deep water horizon
  73. miss peregrine's home for peculiar children
  74. storks
  75. mascots
  76. transylvania hotel 2
  77. life, animated
  78. blue jasmine
  79. the lobster
  80. dr. strange
  81. trolls
  82. arrival
  83. hunt for the wilderpeople
  84. don't think twice
  85. moana
  86. man vs snake
  87. sky ladder
  88. pete's dragon
  89. apex
  90. hacksaw ridge
  91. muscle shoals
  92. the wrecking crew
  93. the act of killing
  94. floyd norman: an animated life
  95. seymour: an introduction
  96. sugar coated
  97. manchester by the sea
  98. welcome to leith
  99. rogue one: a star wars story
  100. allied