Special Announcement: "Emphasis"

Dear Friends, A few years ago I had an idea: What if band “merch” could be more personal? Listeners let music into their lives in such meaningful ways- why can’t the things we buy to support the music we love reflect those meaningful connections?

Today, it brings me SO much joy to introduce you to my brand-new company, “Emphasis" - a website where music fans can create entirely custom, one-of-a-kind T-Shirts featuring their favorite lyrics from their favorite bands!

Here’s how Emphasis works…

  • Let’s say you’re a Sleeping At Last fan (hypothetically, of course.)
  • You browse through the ENTIRE Sleeping At Last discography of lyrics.
  • You hand-select your very favorite Sleeping At Last LYRIC.
  • Using the Emphasis T-Shirt Editor, you’ll have a PLETHORA of options to customize everything from the shirt color, the lyric layout, the fonts, the font colors and even the Sleeping At Last logo, to make it truly yours!
  • Once your MASTERPIECE is complete, click Buy and Ta-da! You just created your very first Emphasis Lyric T-Shirt, made JUST for you. Your new shirt will then be made and sent your way in a jiffy.

Scroll down to check out some of the first T-Shirts that my team and I created using Emphasis! Maybe they'll inspire your masterpiece! And for folks less interested in creating their own Emphasis Lyric shirt, it’s worth noting that you can buy or tweak any of our Featured Shirts as well!

Sleeping At Last is the first of MANY Emphasis artists to come. (So excited that some my favorite artists will join the Emphasis roster SOON!)

I’d be SO honored if you’d be among the first ever to give Emphasis a try and create a shirt that means something to you! As “Early Adopters,” here’s a coupon code for $5 off: EARLYBIRD (expires on Nov. 13th)

I’m beyond thrilled to finally see this idea come to life and am so delighted to share it with you first! The idea of you guys wearing the words that I’ve poured my heart into for so many years means more to me than I can even articulate. Thanks in advance for trying something new! Please be sure to post your designs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. We can’t wait to see what you make!!! (Oh, and let’s be friends!! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram!)

Much Love, Ryan - Sleeping At Last (and now also, founder of Emphasis!)

P.S. Here’s a list of things I love right now….

1. Rule29 (my emphasis partners who helped make this idea an actual thing! plus, some of my fav people!) 2. Foo Fighter’s Sonic Highways on HBO (foo fighters fan or not, this is such a great music doc series. watch it.) 3. Leftover Halloween Candy (kit-kats, nerds, sweet tarts, starbursts, yes please.) 4. Javi’s Burritos (a new favorite in glen ellyn, il… yum)