I'm very, very pleased to unveil the brand new official Sleeping At Last website!! Having a new website is a lot like moving into a new home... It feels new, clean and has a nice "new home" smell. This new website is my new home on the internet and I am so excited to invite you in - housewarming party!!
Some new features I'd like to point out:
  • "Tour" - In honor of the upcoming Spring Tour supporting Christina Perri, the "tour" section has been revamped. It now features google-map integration and, my favorite feature: the ability to "request a song" at any of the upcoming shows! No guarantees of course, but it'll be so great to hear from you guys as to which songs you'd like to hear, where! Check it out.
  • "How It Was Made" - Since Yearbook released, I've been writing some behind-the-scenes blog posts about each song and how it came to be. I'm still making may way through the 36 Yearbook songs, but I plan to do a post for every song I've ever released. Please take a moment to check out the currently posted ones in this new section of the site, here and check back often for updates
  • "Music"  - Entirely redesigned! Now featuring Lyrics to the entire discography, loads of audio and tons and tons of liner-note-ish information about each release! "Read all about it!"
The multi-talented, Ryan Strong is responsible for building this sucker from the ground up. He did such a great job! (quite the internet carpenter, I'd say!) Privileged to work alongside him on this! The handwriting was done by no other than, Brandon Horne (the very same, who won the Yearbook handwriting contest way back when!) Huge thanks to each of them, and to my pal Chris Howell, who lent us a hand in getting this thing up and running.
Enjoy my new internet home!!

Tour begins tomorrow (Saturday!) and I can't even tell you how excited I am!! I hope to see and meet many of you on this tour, and cannot wait to play these songs for you!! Check out all of the dates and if you can make it out, request a song via the tour page!

Check out the dates here!

See you soon!!

Much love, Ryan - Sleeping At Last