Jon Foreman Collaboration

If you've followed the Sleeping At Last Twitter or Facebook over the last several months, you might have seen me mention that I've been working on a few "secret projects"... well one of those secret projects is with my pal, Jon Foreman (Switchfoot). Earlier this year, Jon asked if I'd be interested in contributing to his upcoming solo record (release date tba)... So he sent me a song that he had just finished writing and asked if I'd care to add some things... anything I'd like, really. So I spent a bit of time with it (adding anything that popped into my mind... drums, bass, strings, pianos, background videos, etc!) and had an incredible time layering ideas onto his gorgeous song. Soon after, he was kind enough to invite me to contribute to a few more songs. It's been such an honor to say the least... Jon is one of my favorite songwriters (and people) ever, so to be invited to be a part of his music is just a wonderful privilege!

Although I have no clue as to when these songs will meet the world, I can say that they are some of Jon’s very finest work and I cannot wait for you to hear!

Much love, Ryan