Global Festival Score!

Just a few weeks ago I was invited to score 20+ minutes of brand-new music for Global Festival!! But, what is Global Festival you ask? It's a massive advocacy event being held in Central Park, NYC on Sept. 29th, feat. concerts by Neil Young, Foo Fighters, The Black Keys & more. The festival's sole purpose is to raise funds, awareness and to urge our leaders and fellow citizens to do more to help end extreme poverty. In a nutshell, it's a pretty rad event. I had the incredible privilege of being invited to write an original score for 11 short films by the insanely talented filmmakers, DTJ. Each short film is centered around poverty-related issues, shining light on the problems and more importantly, on the solutions. The films will be screened in between the acts at the festival, as well as streamed live online, in what will be the largest syndicated charity concert in online and broadcast TV history!

There will be 3 exclusive online screenings:

4:30pm EDT September 29th 12:30am EDT September 30th 8:30am EDT September 30th

Learn more on streaming the event, here.

Working with my friends at DTJ on this has been such a privilege - they are some of the most talented folks I know, so it was wonderful to come together on this project. I spent just about all of September writing these new pieces of music and had such a lovely time. The visuals and emotional impact that DTJ put into each film is beyond beautiful, so to have the opportunity to write music to something so awe-inspiring was truly a treat. I can't wait for you to see/hear!

I'll be flying out to NYC to attend the festival and I'm just so excited to see how the final films all turned out and to experience the event in person!

In addition to all of that newly scored music, I'm told that some of my previously released music (songs from "Yearbook," etc.) will play a roll in the festival as well.

Learn more about Global Festival or check out Rolling Stone's article, or NY Times' piece on the event.

PLUS... In other "Global" news, I just found out that my music will also play a part in this week's Clinton Global Initiative 2012 in NYC as well, where world leaders (incl. Governor Romney and President Obama!) and change-makers gather for the sole purpose of turning ideas into action. Bipartisanship at its finest! Videos will be posted soon, as they become available.

Thanks for reading! Hope you'll tune in on Sept. 29th for Global Festival!!!

Love, Ryan