Free New Music! + TV Tonight

Dear Friends, 

I'm so thrilled to pull the wraps off of some secret music I've been working on - it's out NOW - better yet, it's for a really good cause... and it's free! (with a small catch.) Honored to tell you more about "The Spring"...

"The Spring" is an album of brand-new instrumental music that I made for an organization that I love and believe in, called charity: water. To celebrate their 10-year anniversary, and tell their story, they made a 20-minute film. I was so privileged to write the original score for this gorgeous and important story!

I have three things to ask of you...

1.  Please watch the film.

2. Please consider joining in "The Spring" to help bring clean water to every person on Earth in our lifetime!

3. I'm honored to share the "The Spring" album for FREE via Noisetrade!! It is free, however, 100% of "tips" we receive from this album on Noisetrade, will be donated to charity: water. It'd mean a lot if you'd consider leaving a tip for the cause! In any case, it's a privilege to get to share this music with you.

Gratitude: Huge thanks to Sharon Gerber, who is the insanely beautiful cello you'll hear throughout the score. As well as Anya Gerber who played violins on the final track, "The Spring"! So grateful for Tim Damitz, who created the beautiful album cover art! AND Chris Bethea who mastered the album superbly! Lastly to the charity: water team for inviting me to write music for their beautiful story.

TONIGHT, I'm so pumped to announce that my song "I'll Keep You Safe" will be on So You Think You Can Dance on FOX, 8/7c!!! The INCREDIBLE Stacey Tookey choreographed the dance and I'm so excited and honored! Hope you'll tune in tonight!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy all of the new music!! More to come.

HUGE Love, Ryan - Sleeping At Last