"Space 2" Out NOW! Yearbook Vinyl! TCM!

Happiest of Tuesdays to you! SPACE 2 EP OUT NOW

I am so very pleased to announce that my brand-new EP, “Space 2" is officially OUT NOW!!

Space 2” is the latest installment of my “Atlas” project and is of course, the sibling release to “Space 1.” (Side A and B of the same record, if you will.)

Grab "Space 2" now from iTunes (or anywhere digital music is sold!)

HUGE thanks to Sharon Gerber who played Cello gorgeously on the song “Saturn.” She’s such a sweet soul and it pours out through her Cello. So grateful to have her as my guest on this EP! Please check out her solo music, Celloasis! - It’s so beautiful!!

I truly had a wonderful time writing these Space-inspired songs and am so thrilled to share them with you! This EP concludes the Space themed portion of Atlas. Our universe is absolutely stunning in every way imaginable. Thank you for exploring it a little with me in these songs!

I wrote some extended release notes about Space 2 here.


For the first time ever, my 36-song project Yearbook is being pressed on Vinyl!! I’m so thrilled with how this set is turning out! You get 3 records, 12 album-sized fancy posters featuring each of the 12 Yearbook covers (lyrics to every song on the backs) and a digital download of the collection - all beautifully wrapped in a classy Yearbook box/slipcase!

Pre-Order Yearbook (First Pressing!) on Vinyl here!

(Note: All orders are first come, first serve!)


I’ve been a longtime fan of TCM, so I’m beyond thrilled to announce that my song “In the Embers” is featured in their yearend “In Memoriam” piece. It begins today and plays sparadically in the weeks to come on TCM. Such an honor. I wrote this song for a dear friend of mine who passed away earlier this year, so it means a lot to me to see this song carry on in this way.

Thank you for reading!! I'm hard at work on the next Atlas EP, "Land" which will release soon!!

Love, Ryan - Sleeping At Last

PS here’s a list of things i love right now…

1. Garrett’s “Chicago Style” Popcorn (caramel popcorn + cheese popcorn = mmmmm) 2. Garrett Campagna (an incredible designer who’s been lending a hand to the SAL team lately! this garrett even rules MORE than garrett’s popcorn. truth.) 3. This amazing 2013 Trailer Mashup Video (i love movies!!!) 4. My New House (my wife and i just bought our very first home and we’re so pumped about it!!)