Sleeping At Last on TV Tonight!


Just a super quick note to let you know that my brand-new song "In The Embers" (from my "Light" EP) will be featured on tonight's So You Think You Can Dance!! (7/9) Choreographed by the incredibly talented, Sonya Teyah!

If you missed the last few songs of mine on this season of SYTYCD, check 'em out here (click on the song titles to watch): "Turning Page", "Clockwork (Piano Version)", "Goes On and On" and be sure to tune in TONIGHT to hear "In The Embers"! 8/7c on FOX! I feel so grateful and blessed to be a part of this wonderful show!!

Thanks for reading! Many hugs your way!

Much Love, Ryan - Sleeping At Last

here's another list of things i love right now...

1. cosmicomics by italo calvino (this book is wonderful and so very visual) 2. in the shadow of the moon (beautiful and moving documentary. what an incredible moment in history to put a person on the moon.) 3. klondike vanilla icecream sandwich (i shouln't eat these.)