Sleeping At Last Scores TV Show!

Hello friends! Hope you’re having the best Summer ever so far! All’s been great here! Working on all sorts of secret projects... excited to finally be able to tell you about one of ‘em...


I’ve loved movie and TV music since I was a kid. (My first CD ever was The Lion King soundtrack.) Needless to say, I’m beyond thrilled to announce that I am scoring music for my very first TV show! It’s called "Kid President: Declaration of Awesome” and it premieres this Saturday, June 21st on HUB Network 6PM CST!

It’s a fun, wonderful and truly special show! I’m so very proud to be a part of it. There are 8 episodes in Season 1 and it’s jam-packed with heart, celebrity guests and Kid President silliness… and all throughout you’ll hear lots of new music from me, as well as some familiar Sleeping At Last songs!

I so hope you and your family will tune in!!

Watch the trailer and some clips here!


As each of the cover songs I recently recorded came out, I commissioned the incredibly talented Kyle Barrett to design art for each song. With the recent release of my “Covers, Vol. 1” (iTunes) album, I thought it’d be nice to make all of the individual cover art available...

Take a look-see!

Thanks so much for reading! Tons more to tell you sooooooon.

Much Love, Ryan - Sleeping At Last

P.S. Here's a list of stuff I love right now...

1. Chipotle (haven't always been a fan, but lately, it's my fav. mmm.) 2. TwoDots (the sequel to one of my fave ios games. it's free, simple and great!) 3. OKDOTHIS update (such a great photo app and this update is gorgeous! get it!) 4. Little Jimmy Scott (an incredible singer, whom recently passed. sad i hadn't heard his music sooner!)