Rare Things!

Hey guys! I'm taking a moment away from writing songs for my upcoming EP "Light" to let you know about some cool stuff I'm making available with the rad folks at BandPage!

Using BandPage's brand new "Experiences" storefront, I am offering a few rare and never-before available Sleeping At Last items for sale!

1. CUSTOM LYRIC ART made just for you by me! Partnering up with the wonderful folks at InstaThis, I'm offering a handful of custom-made pieces of art based around your favorite Sleeping At Last lyric. You choose and email us the lyric of your choosing, and using photography and typography, I'll create a 1 of a kind piece of art just for you, printed with perfection onto 16" x 16" wood. (See examples here!) Details.

2. SKYPE HANGOUT for Charity! I'm offering a couple 1 hour Skype Hangouts where I can play you a few songs of your choosing, we can chat about songwriting or I can even teach you how to play some Sleeping At Last songs if you'd like! Let's hang out! Proceeds go to help First Response Team of America, who devote their lives to helping people effected by natural disaster. Details.

3. VINYL TEST PRESSINGS of both "Storyboards" and "Keep No Score." Very rare. Only 2 of each album will be made available! Details.

Excited to make these things available! Thanks for reading and for taking a look! Well, I better get back to working on the next Atlas EP, "Light" which will be coming your way very soon!

Tons of love to you!!

Love, Ryan - Sleeping At Last

here's a list of things i love right now...

1. the west wing (yeah, i'm crazy late to this party, but i sure do love this show!) 2. brand-new mickey mouse cartoons! (mickey's back and these shorts look SO good!) 3. hawaii (having just returned from an incredible inspiration trip there for the upcoming eps, i can confirm that hawaii is still my favorite place in the universe) 4. InstaThis (make beautiful wall art from of your instagram photos!)