"Oceans" EP Out Today! Atlas: Year 1 Completed!

Hello there, friends!! Today’s a big day here in the Sleeping At Last HQ!


"Oceans", the final chapter of Atlas: Year 1 is officially OUT NOW!!!

Download "Oceans” here on iTunes!!

"Oceans” not only concludes Year 1 of my ongoing Atlas project, it's also my very first all-instrumental release. 5 pieces of music inspired by our world’s 5 Oceans. I studied the characteristics of each, and had an incredible time translating each Ocean into music. If you listen close, you’ll hear recordings of whale songs, icebergs cracking, boats creaking, submarine sonars pinging, and at the very end of the final song, “Arctic," you’ll even hear the young 16-week old heartbeat of my soon-to-be-born child. (which serves as a clue to the next theme in my ongoing Atlas series of music!) Needless to say, I deeply enjoyed writing these songs and am so honored for you to hear them!!

I wrote a rather long, more detailed blog-post about how "Oceans" came to be! Read that here!

HUGE thanks to my incredibly gifted friend, Sharon Gerber, who lent me her amazing cello talents on the song “Arctic.” She is amazing! Check her music out here!

I so hope you enjoy “Oceans” and all of Atlas: Year 1 (Darkness, Light, Space 1, Space 2, Land & Oceans)! Thank you so very much for letting these songs into your world, and for allowing me the opportunity to keep doing what I love, making music. Atlas has been such a satisfying creative experience for me and I literally couldn’t be making it without you! Sincerely THANK YOU.


As many of you may already know, Atlas is an ongoing series of music. Though Atlas: Year 1 is now complete, I am already hard at work on Atlas: Year 2, which continues the overarching story of how our universe came to be, and how we were woven together inside it. Though I am waiting to announce all of the upcoming themes, I am excited to tell you that the first theme of Atlas: Year 2 will be “Life." I can’t wait to share more details with you soon, but in the meantime, I hope Atlas: Year 1 songs will keep you good company.

That’s it for today… can’t wait to share some more news with you very soon! Thank you so much again!

Much Love, Ryan Sleeping At Last

P.S. Here’s a list of things I love right now:

1. 2048 (yet another addicting iphone game… similar to threes!) 2. Kid President (you know and love him. if not, go! now! here!) 3. Mashed Potatoes (the best.) 4. Nashville (i'm here now, visiting and always love this city.)