New Shirt, Kid President & More!


For each of this year's Atlas EPs (6 total!), we are making a limited edition merch item!! Behold the brand-new, ultra limited edition shirt for the EP "Darkness," which features full-color artwork from this latest Atlas EP! Hope you like it!

(Pssst... If you're a Passport Plus member, you'll get an exclusive discount for each of these limited edition Atlas items! Hooray! Speaking of, keep an eye on your email - You'll find a 20% off coupon as a Passport Plus Perk super soon!)

Check out/Order the shirt here!!


This morning, the incredible (and now a household name) Kid President posted a new video from his time visiting the Obama family at the White House! So fun! President Obama (aka Adult President) gives KP a tour around the Oval Office. It just so happens you might hear some familiar music on this lovely video too! :) Check it out and keep your ears peeled for my song "Next To Me"! (I think only eyes can be "peeled" but you get the idea...) 17+ Million plays later, it's so exciting to see how far Kid President's wonderful and sweet message has traveled since his epic "Pep Talk" a couple months ago... So privileged to be a part of his adventure!


Since the release of the 1st Atlas EP, "Darkness," I've been working away on the next chapter, "Light." It's coming together real nice so far! I wrote a blog post detailing the progress... Check it out here, if you're interested in following along!

Thanks for reading, folks!

Much love, Ryan - Sleeping At Last

ps here's another list of things i love lately:

1. Cry Baby Candy (these little doozies are my childhood in the form of sour candy) 2. GoPro "Hero3" Camera (my amazing mom got me one as a gift recently... i love it. makes me want to adventure more) 3. Mophie "Helium" Juice Pack (a battery-case for iphone 5. it's a life saver, in a 1st-world-problem kind of way...) 4. "Finding Dory" (just announced that pixar's making a sequel to finding nemo! can. not. wait. "just keep swimming")