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Hello, hello! Today is the official release day for "Light," the 2nd chapter in my Atlas EP series! Hooray!


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With the previous EP, "Darkness," I recommended listening to it for the first time with the lights off and your eyes closed, which is how I spent most of my time writing it. During the writing of "Light", I was fortunate enough to spend time soaking up inspiration in Hawaii, the brightest place I know. So this time 'round, I recommend listening to "Light" on the sunniest day you can find. Whether that means through headphones on your AM jog, or in your car with the windows rolled down, or laying on the grass in your favorite park, or in the sand on your favorite beach, or even indoors with the windows open and birds singing along. Find brightness anywhere, and that's where this EP should be heard.

I wrote "Darkness" and "Light" as two sides of the same record. Although released separately, they make up side-A and side-B of one full-length album. "Darkness" finishes with the song "Uneven Odds," a rather sad story, written from the perspective of someone who becomes the legal guardian of a very young boy who recently lost his parents. I wanted to write a song that tackles the incredibly difficult task of explaining the heaviness and purpose of darkness to an innocent child. The "Light" EP begins with the title track, which was written as the second half of that same story. The song is written from the perspective of the little boy from "Uneven Odds," who is now an adult and becoming a parent himself. He has been given the gift of being the first to introduce the brightness and beauty of light to his newborn.

This EP tackles as many interpretations of "light" as I could imagine: heaven, weightlessness, exposure, hope, new life, fireworks and even stories projected onto screens. I had an incredible time exploring the theme of light within these songs and am so privileged to finally share with you the results.


1. Light 2. You Are Enough 3. Heirloom 4. The Projectionist 5. In The Embers


ROSS CHRISTOPHER (played Violins and Cellos on "You Are Enough" and "The Projectionist") - Ross is pal of mine who came out with me on tour last fall. He's such a talented musician and as I was writing the strings for these two songs, I knew he'd be the guy to bring them to life! Couldn't be more pleased with how it all turned out! Ross is a wonderful songwriter and artist - listen to and support his lovely work here!

DAVID HODGES (played Piano on "Heirloom") - As this song was coming together, I kept hearing a particular kind of piano, played in a particular kind of way in my head, but I couldn't put my finger on what it was, when suddenly I realized, it was David playing on his upright piano that I was imagining. Truly one of the most gifted people I know and one of my very favorite humans on earth too! So thrilled with his gorgeous contribution to this song! Listen to and love David's latest music here!

SETH RICHARDSON (played Upright Bass on "Heirloom") - I've been wanting to have Seth as a guest for a while and finally the right song came along! Seth's been a friend for a couple years now and I've admired his talent for a while - so thankful he was kind enough to lend me his gifts for this toe-tappin' track! Listen to Seth's amazing band, Moonsville Collective here!

KERA-LYNNE NEWMAN (played Fiddles on "Heirloom") - This song was nearly finished when I decided "This song needs one more thing... fiddle." I called up Kera, (who also joined me last fall on tour!) and she kindly obliged and shortly after sent me back the most lovely fiddle tracks I've ever heard! I've never featured this style of violin in my songs, and Kera was such a perfect fit! Fiddle was truly the missing piece of this song. Listen to Kera's bands, Black Bonnet Ballyhoo & The Eskimo Girls.

DAN PERDUE (played Bass on "You Are Enough") - As always, when a song comes along that warrants more than just a simple bass line, I call up my best pal, Dan, literally my favorite bassist of all time. As usual, he killed it. Very few people I know are masters of their instrument, and Dan is certainly one of the finest on the earth.

Thank you SO much for listening and for being a part of Atlas! I hope you enjoy this collection of songs!! I'm already hard at work on the next Atlas EP! (I'll be announcing all of the remaining themes SOON... Can't wait to share!)

Much Love, Ryan - Sleeping At Last