FREE Christmas Album + CA Show Added!!

Happy (early) Holidays!!! Some of you may already know that each year around the holidays I record a cover of a Christmas song. This tradition has accumulated over the years into a full-length Christmas album called "Christmas Collection," which I give away as a free download on NoiseTrade! (it’s sort of my version of a holiday card!)

This year I recorded "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" - I so hope you enjoy my take on it! Download here! I enlisted the help of my friend and incredible cellist, Sharon Gerber who played all of the strings on this recording. She’s truly one of the most gifted musicians I’ve come across and am always so honored to get to make music together! (Learn more about Sharon and her music here!)

Because this time of year should be all about giving - all "Tips" we receive through NoiseTrade will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital! Please consider making a donation by using the "Tip" feature on the site, once you've downloaded the album!

I’m also pleased to announce that the entire 14-song collection has been completely Re-Mastered this year! So, If you've downloaded any part of the Christmas Collection in past, I'd recommend downloading the new 2014 collection now!

High praise and thanks go to Chris Bethea who mixed “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” and mastered the entire collection! And to Kyle Barrett, who designed the beautiful cover art! I am truly grateful for their wonderful work!

Download “Christmas Collection 2014" FREE here!


Also thrilled to announce that we’ve added a 2nd show at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, CA!! Tickets for this holiday/acoustic show (with a string trio!) on Dec. 1st are NOW available!!

Buy Tickets here!

Can’t wait to see you!! Thanks so much for reading!

Much Love, Ryan - Sleeping At Last

PS here’s a list of things i love right now…

1. Serial (a new podcast from some of the this american life team and it’s entirely fascinating!) 2. Unroll.Me (helps you unsubscribe from unwanted spam/newsletters AND consolidates the newsletters you want in one lovely email. so far i love it.) 3. Shark Tank (i’ve probably included this thing i love before, but i just really love this show!) 4. Candy Crush Soda Saga (i thought i kicked my candy crush addiction, but apparently not. way into this new game)