"December" EP's 2nd Birthday!

wow! i can't believe it's already december. i think i say this every year, but 2012 has been the fastest year i've ever seen. is it possible for years to have variable speeds? if so, i nominate this one as the quickest yet!

though it only seems like a few months ago, exactly 2 years ago today, my "


" ep was released. since it was written, i've been working my way through writing blog posts about each of the 36 yearbook songs, and how they were made. to learn how each of the 3 "december" songs came to be, click on the titles:


accidental light


from the ground up



this particular EP features my first ever original Christmas song, "snow." when it was released, i asked you fine folks to send in video clips of winter/holidays near you.. and we got videos sent from around the world, which turned into the community-made "snow" music video. i thought today, on the birthday of the "december" ep, it'd post it for those of you that haven't yet seen it! this fun video project was made possible by wonderful friend of mine named

bob davidson

, who helped me out in compiling all of these videos together.

(side note: there will be many more projects like this, requesting contributions from you, in the very near future! can't wait! lots of fun ideas to come!)

i hope your december is absolutely wonderful!! thanks so much for listening and reading!! happy december.

much love, ryan