"Darkness" EP Out Now! + Kid President!

Hey guys! I am so pleased to inform you that "Darkness," the very 1st EP of Atlas is now available on iTunes, Amazon and beyond!!

So excited for you to finally hear it! This may be a bit silly, but I recommend listening to "Darkness" for the first time with the lights turned off and your eyes closed. I spent a great deal of time in that environment while writing and recording these songs, so that's how I recommend listening to 'em. But don't worry, these songs will still play with the lights on! ;)


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A few release notes...


1. Overture 2. Woodwork 3. I'll Keep You Safe 4. Bad Blood 5. Uneven Odds

"Darkness" Guests:

JEREMY LARSON (played and arranged Strings and Brass for "Uneven Odds") - Jeremy's one of the most talented folks I know. He also happens to be one of my favorite people! Honored to work with Jeremy again and couldn't be more thrilled with how beautifully his performances turned out! I should note that this is the very first song of mine featuring Brass instrumentation!

JASON TOTH (played Drums on "Overture") - Jason's been a friend of mine for well over a decade now and just over the last few years, I've had the privilege of touring and recording with him quite a bit! He's one of the most tasteful and gifted drummers out there and I just love working with him.

DAN PERDUE (played Bass on "Uneven Odds") - As this song was coming together, I knew right away that Dan's bass playing would pull the whole song together (much like "the dude"'s rug in the big lebowski). Always love working with Dan!

Like all things, Atlas begins with Darkness. The meanings behind the word "Darkness" are endless: beginnings, fear, blindness, the unknown, loss, even hope, and so much more. On this EP, I aimed to explore as much of Darkness as possible, both musically and lyrically. Though there are a lot of heavy and perhaps "dark" ideas being shared here (don't worry, there's hope in there too!), I truly had such a wonderful time writing these songs and telling these stories. I can't even begin to tell you how honored I am to have the opportunity to share them all with you.

I so hope you enjoy these songs! I'm already hard at work on the next Atlas EP, "Light."

Much Love, Ryan Sleeping At Last

PS... If you haven't already been introduced, meet the awesome that is Mr. Kid President. he’s amazing!! You may have seen him recently, as his latest video “Pep Talk” is spreading across the land like wildfire (nearing 3 Million Views as I type this!)! It just so happens that the fine folks at the Kid White House have my song “Households” (itunes) as the backdrop to this wonderful video! Couldn’t be more honored and thrilled to be a part! It’s such a wonderful and uplifting video, as are all of the Kid President videos.. so if you haven’t seen it, check. it. out! Tell your friends too… It’s pretty much guaranteed that whomever watches this will immediately have a better day.

Watch here.