Atlas Themes, "Light" Now Shipping!

Dear friends, I've got a few things to tell you about today! Firstly...


As part of my Atlas CD Box-set/Subscription, the latest EP, "Light" is now shipping to all "Passport Plus" members! To purchase and/or learn more about this new CD box-set, visit here.


Speaking of Atlas, today I am pleased to announce the remaining Atlas EP titles/themes for this year! Drum roll, please...

The next Atlas theme is SPACE.

SPACE will be a collection of songs inspired by our Solar System - a song for each planet. Through lots of incredibly fun research, I've been learning a lot about each planet, documenting their colors, characteristics, mythology and other details that will inspire and inform the tone and feel of each song. A couple examples of this: "Mercury", as I've learned is a planet made up of roughly 70% metallic, will be a song recorded only using metallic instruments... Bells, Brass, Cymbals, etc. "Venus," named after the roman god of love, will of course be a love song. And so on and so on. As you can see, these songs will not be a collection of Theremin Solos, but Sleeping At Last songs inspired by the incredibly beautiful information that exists about the galaxy we live in!

This theme will span over the next two Atlas EPs. The first of which, called "SPACE 1" (late Summer release) will feature 6 songs:

1. Sun 2. Mercury 3. Venus 4. Earth 5. Moon 6. Mars

Followed by its 5-song sibling EP, "SPACE 2" which continues and completes the Solar System inspired track-list:

1. Jupitor 2. Saturn 3. Uranus 4. Neptune ... and of course, a bonus-track entitled "Pluto."

Later this year, I'll pull the camera in a little closer with the release of LAND. A 4-song EP:

1. North 2. East 3. South 4. West

Concluding Atlas Year 2013, I will release OCEANS. Continuing and completing the oceanic theme that began on my previous project "Yearbook," this 5-song EP will be a collection of all instrumental songs inspired by the 5 oceans of Earth.

1. Pacific 2. Atlantic 3. Indian 4. Southern 5. Arctic

As you can now see, Atlas tells an overarching story about how all things came to be: the origins, emergence and experiences of life. This Atlas year only tells a small fraction of that story, but I'm keeping next year's Atlas schedule and themes under wraps for now! So fun to finally share with you the concept. I geek out on this stuff and I couldn't be having a better time writing songs within these concepts and ideas!

Thanks for reading!!

Love, Ryan - Sleeping At Last

p.s. here's a list of things i love right now... (brought to you by the letter "c") 1. candy crush saga (i didn't want to get sucked into this life-consuming ios game... but it happened. i see candy in my sleep) 2. celestron telescopes (my wife got me one for my bday and i LOVE it. so inspiring for my "space" songs!) 3. can i (my go to app for finding out if that movie or tv show is on netflix, or wherever!)