Atlas 6-CD Box Set & New Shirt!

Hello there! It’s been a little while! I hope you're doing so very well and that the Summer is off to a lovely start!

Ever since completing Atlas: Year One, I’ve been working nonstop on a few projects that I can’t wait to tell you about!! Though I can’t share details just yet, I can say that I’ve been working on scoring my first TV series, and soon my first Documentary film!! All of that in addition to working on Atlas: Year Two!! I can’t wait to give you details sooooon. But first…


A few months ago we hosted a T-Shirt Design contest. We received TONS of wonderful submissions, but sadly we could only pick one. We chose this beautiful design by Wendy Wiland and named it “Space Lettering.” It’s Limited Edition and available NOW!

Buy the Limited Edition “Space Lettering” Shirt here!


So thrilled to announce that “Oceans,” the final chapter to Atlas: Year One, ships out later this week!! Which means, the gorgeous 6-CD Atlas: Year One CD Box Set is now complete and available to order!!

I couldn’t be more proud of how this set turned out - 30 songs across 6 CDs along with 30 Art Cards featuring exclusive paintings for each song by Geoff Benzing, all in a beautiful fabric-wrapped, foil-stamped storage box.

Buy the Atlas: Year One CD Box Set here!

That’s it for now… can’t wait to tell you more about Atlas: Year Two and the amazing projects I’ve been working on!!

Much Love, Ryan Sleeping At Last

P.S. Here’s a list of things I love right now…

Warby Parker (such a rad eyeglasses co. love everything about them) • Bearings Magazine (created by my pal Jeremy Blume, a truly classy magazine.) • Song of the Sea Trailer (i’ve been looking forward to this movie for over 4 years. stunning visuals) • iOS 8 & Yosemite (yesterday was an apple keynote day and i’m pumped for these OS updates this year!)