"Powehi - Image of a Black Hole"

Dear Space Enthusiasts,

Surprise! Here's a brand-new piece of music inspired by the first-ever image of a Black Hole, "Powehi"...


“April 10, 2019: Powehi - Image of a Black Hole” is the 11th piece of music in my "Astronomy" series: music inspired by astronomical discoveries and events in the observable Universe.

If your social and news feeds were anything like mine last week, there was no way to miss the news of the first-ever image of a black hole. Using an array of 8 radio telescopes around the world, making one combined earth-sized telescope, an incredible team of astronomers, scientists and other smart folks were able to see what was believed to be unseeable. The Event Horizon Telescope project was able to peer into the cosmos some 54 billion lightyears away from earth and take an image of a supermassive black hole. What? Humans are amazing. The black hole was named "Powehi", a Hawaiian phrase referring to an "embellished dark source of unending creation." How cool is that?

I loved writing this lil piece of music inspired by this amazing moment in human history!! Here's a few details that went into my new song:

  • The first and last sound you hear (rumbly sound) is the actual image of Powehi converted into sound via software.

  • Rather than dark and scary and ominous, I wanted the music to reflect the magic and awe of such a incredible discovery and how hopeful and exciting it is that humanity was able to see the unseeable! 

  • The image was captured using 8 telescopes around the world, so I chose to limit myself to 8 different musical instruments.

  • One of those instruments is a tiny audio clip of my upcoming "Nine" that was pitched and bent through a granular synth to create a spacey sound bed.

Anyhow, I hope you like it! It's out everywhere music is!!

Huge thanks to Chris Bethea for Mastering!! The cover art is by Tim Damitz, my friend and fellow space enthusiast. 

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