Dear Friends,

I am so excited to tell you that a surprise brand-new piece of instrumental music of mine is out everywhere today!! It's called "Hill" ...

Hill Art 5-1.jpg

... I had the privilege of writing "Hill" (Spotify) for a national ad campaign for the company, Securian Financial! The campaign is called "Every Moment Counts" and I had SO much fun writing this for them and for such a sweet series of TV Commercials!

I wanted the music to sound like the score for family home videos. With that in mind, right before moving out of the first house my wife and I bought, I sat down and played my grand piano one last time in that space, and pressed record on my iPhone. The initial piano you hear in this song is that recording, that little moment. I also managed to weave in the audio from the very last family video in that home, my daughters Lily and Iris singing their hearts out and my wife and I cheering them along. "Hill" was named after the street where our old home is located.

Lastly, the beautiful artwork above was painted by my 3 year old, Lily! She's working on her letters too, and wrote "Hill" for me! Yay, Lily!!

Hope you like this new little piece of music. And please keep your ears out for it in the new Securian Financial commercials in the wild! You can watch a few of them here!

As always, thanks so much for reading and for letting me share the latest with you!! Hugggggssss

Huge Love, Ryan - Sleeping At Last