"When We're Together"

Dear Friends,

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that the Holidays are here!! I’m beyond excited to tell you that my annual Christmas cover song is out NOW! ...


Each year, for well over a decade now, I’ve recorded and released a Christmas cover song or two- it's kind of my version of a Christmas card and it’s become one of my favorite traditions. Over the years, it accumulated into a full album, “Christmas Collection, Vol. 1,” which is available here! So this new song marks the very beginning of "Christmas Collection, Vol. 2"!! 

My song choice this year was heavily inspired by my two daughters, Lily (4) and Iris (2), who share a DEEP (and I mean deeeeeep) love for Disney’s Frozen. So, for my daughters (and because I really love this song too), I covered “When We’re Together” from the Holiday short, “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure”! I was even able to convince my wife Cayt and our girls to sing with me, so keep an ear out for my family! A huge thanks to Sharon Gerber who played Cellos, Tim Damitz for designing the cover art and Chris Bethea for Mastering it!

My cover of “When We’re Together” is out now on SpotifyApple Music and as a FREE mp3 download via NoiseTrade (be sure to leave a tip for LOVE DOES!!)


Also per tradition, the entire 19-song album “Christmas Collection, Vol. 1” (plus this year’s addition “When We’re Together”) is available as a FREE download via NoiseTrade!! It’s FREE but please consider leaving a “tip” for the amazing organization  Love Does!!! 100% of all tips received for this Noisetrade campaign go directly to Love Does and the beautiful and life-giving work they are doing!! Learn more about Love Does!

Wishing you an absolutely beautiful and restful Holiday Season!!! Hope you like my new Christmas cover song!! Honored to share it with you. Will be writing soon with lots of new things I can’t wait to share with you!!

Huge Love, Ryan