Vinyl, Vinyl, Vinyl

Dear Friends,

Hello there! I hope this note finds you having a wonderful Spring so far! Today's note is completely Vinyl-centric! Including, TWO freshly pressed Sleeping At Last Vinyls available and shipping now!! Let's drop the needle...

Neighbors, Vol. 1 is available on Vinyl! "What's Neighbors" you ask? It's a cul-de-sac of singles that I recorded for Film, TV and Commercials, gathered in one place! Includes songs "Turning Page," "500 Miles (2015 Version)," "Countdowns" & more! This 1st pressing features gorgeous artwork by Tim Damitz, a moon-yellow Vinyl AND the jacket even includes a few glow-in-the-dark elements! COOL! It's only available on Vinyl or CD. This pressing is a limited edition, 1st come 1st serve!
So very excited to announce that the 2nd pressing of Atlas: Year One is now available and shipping!! Now featuring unique and random colored vinyl (like fingerprints, no two are alike!) It's a super rad 3-vinyl set! Includes a nice thick booklet featuring each of the 30 paintings by Geoff Benzing along with lyrics, digital download and a super-beautiful fabric-wrapped, foil-stamped box to store the set in.
Vinyl is my favorite format for music. Technology has made music more and more convenient and accessible, which is such a wonderful thing, but what I love about Vinyl is that it invites the listener to pay a little closer attention. From carefully pulling the record out of the sleeve, to listening to only a handful of songs at a time before needing to flip the record, vinyl asks us to care, and to serve the music in a way. Not to mention, it's absolutely beautiful to look at, with its large format jackets and limited edition pressings. In a time where convenience and quantity reign, Vinyl is art. A beautifully crafted sculpture of the music we love. The invisible made visible. 

That's a mess of words to say something clean and simple: I love Vinyl. Which is why I make certain that so much of my music is available on Vinyl. I'm thrilled to announce the new records above, but also to let you know that we've got a LOT of fun Vinyl news ahead: New Releases, Limited Editions and more! Plus, every time a pressing of one of my albums sells out, we will do another pressing with new features (like new vinyl colors, packaging, art, etc.)  to keep things fun, and to differentiate pressings. So if you're into Vinyl too, I hope you enjoy this little record collection I'm putting together. 

Be sure to check out the other albums that are currently available in my online "record store" (aka merch store)...

Here's another Sleeping At Last lyric shirt design! It's available to buy exactly as is, or you can tweak it (change shirt color, fonts, etc) to make it more you! The lyrics on this one are from my song "You Are Enough."

... Or, make your own here!! Pick any Sleeping At Last lyric and design a shirt! Only on Emphasis!

Huge thanks for reading! I've got a new song "Sight" coming out soon, along with a bunch of other stuff I can't wait to tell you about! Enjoy the Spring! Huge Love your way!

Love, Ryan

1. Rogue One Trailer (today the new star wars story film got a trailer! can't wait. looks pretty rad.)
2. Tesla Motors (though i'm more of a model s fan, that new model 3 looks awesome!)
3. Home Alone Soundtrack Vinyl (this set's amazing! "cheese pizza" colored vinyl? mondo is the best.)
4. Luna: A Moon Light (no idea how to get one of these, but i want 10 in every room of my house!)