2 Music Releases & Grey's (Again)!

Hi there! It’s been a very busy few weeks around here at the Sleeping At Last HQ! Thanks so much for letting us fill your inbox with so much news lately! Today is a busy one for Sleeping At Last...


I’m so excited to announce that today is the official release day for my new Atlas EP, “Land”!!

DOWNLOAD "Land" now on iTunes! or on Amazon, or subscribe to the entire Atlas collection here...

I wrote down a few thoughts about these songs… read that here.

HUGE thanks to my “Land” guests: Emiko Bankson and Kumiko Bankson who played violins stunningly on “North” and Eva Holbrook, who played Mandolins tastefully on “West”! And to Garrett Campagna, who helped layout the artwork!


In addition to my “Land” EP releasing today, I’m so pleased to inform you that a brand-new cover song I recorded released today too!! This time ‘round I recorded Cyndi Lauper’s “All Through The Night” and had a lovely time doing so!

DOWNLOAD “All Through The Night” now on iTunes!(& beyond!)

And in case you missed it: last week I released my cover of “Total Eclipse of the Heart”! Watch this clip of it on Grey's Anatomy last week!

Again, huge thanks to Kyle Barrett for his lovely design work on the cover art of these cover songs! And a huge thanks to Chris Bethea for his wonderful work mastering my covers!


So thrilled announce that my cover of “All Through The Night” will be featured on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy this Thursday night! Keep an ear out! So privileged to be on the show again this season!!!

Infinite thanks for reading, guys! Means a ton to me.

Much Love, Ryan Sleeping At Last

P.S. here’s a list of things i love right now…

1. This Jimmy Kimmel Story (so heart-warming. + i’m beyond honored they used my song “households”!!) 2. Oscars (it’s so long, yes… but gosh, i love movies and it’s fun to watch other people who love movies celebrate! also, ellen did amazing!!) 3. Epson 5030UB Projector (recently got this wall-e looking projector and it’s the greatest. oh man.) 4. This (so great)